Automobile Service: We take care of you. And of your car.

Top level quality standards and always willing to listen to your needs – this is how the highly motivated team from Henkel-Tuning Automobile Service is best described. Regardless of the brand or model you drive, we have an open ear for your requirements and will explain the necessary work and costs involved thoroughly. It goes without saying that we will be pleased to take the time to discuss with you each and every detail of the required tasks. Thanks to our individual and transparent cost calculations, you are continuously aware of the expenses that will be incurred.

Useful to know: we provide all of our services offered directly at our premises, since we combine the workshop, paint shop and car body construction under one roof. Even inspections from official testing organizations can be carried out on our own brake dynamometer.

Rest assured, we only use original spare parts or replacement parts in original equipment quality (OEM). These factors are essential for safe travels and we contribute to creating the basis for your safety. Whether it is an inspection, repair, dent removal or a holiday check –  we are at your service at all times.

You can schedule an appointment immediately by phone +49 (0) 2972 – 96 29 29 3.

We carry out professional inspections according to manufacturers’ specifications for all brands and models:

  • Original spare parts or replacement parts in OEM quality
  • Vehicle warranty remains valid in accordance with the latest legal requirements

We work exclusively with officially recognized testing organizations:

  • Carrying out the inspection and emission test directly in-house on our own brake dynamometer
  • Preliminary checks avoid costly rework
  • Rapid repair of existing defects

We handle special approvals directly in our workshop:

  • Analyzing and acceptance of the approvals
  • Registration of various vehicle conversions

Our system diagnostics with state-of-the-art technology for error checks operates precisely:

  • Localization, analysis and correction of malfunctions
  • Battery check and adjustment, lighting, alternator and electrically-controlled injection

We only use lubricants from renowned brands.

We check the brakes on our own brake dynamometer:

  • Functional test of the complete brake system including brake hoses and brake fluid
  • Cleaning of the brakes and changing the brake fluid
  • Replacement of defective parts
  • Usage of original spare parts or replacement parts in OEM quality

Our laser wheel alignment unit was originally only used in motorsport; therefore we achieve more precise results:

  • Correct adjustment of axle geometry and wheel load
  • Individual consultation and axle alignment for improved driving comfort

We check the exhaust system with our exhaust gas analyzer and locate defects as well as leaks:

  • Repair or replacement of defective parts
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of used parts

We advise you on the selection of your tires and mount them professionally on aluminum or steel rims:

  • Tire change and balancing
  • Including storage and disposal of old tires
  • Sale of summer and winter tires, brand-independent

Maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems:

  • Check of all components of the air conditioning system in terms of function and performance
  • Pressure tests of the system
  • Replacement of the refrigerant (R134a/R-1234yf)
  • Disinfection of the air conditioning system
  • Replacement of the cabin filter

We offer a complete service – from the transport of the damaged car, to the professional repair, to the painting and clarification of insurance matters:

  • Paintwork for cars, trucks, mobile homes, sales and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, event vehicles and classic cars
  • High-quality paint materials from the companies Spies Hecker and Glasurit
  • In-house mixing unit
  • Small-area sandblasting or polishing
  • Removal of small dents without painting (Smart Repair)
  • Repair of small to medium damages (Spot Repair)

We repair accident damaged vehicles:

  • Body straightening on our own straightening jig
  • Flattening and repair of damaged body parts
  • Welding of new parts in partial replacement

Upon request, we develop custom-made constructions – for example: prototypes, vehicle superstructures or trailers.