Classic Cars: Everything for these precious treasures. Right down to the last detail.

Classic cars have seen and been through a lot, but they bear the traces of their age with pride. However, the care of these dear treasures is an art in itself: for example, urgently needed spare parts have not been produced for decades. This presents a real challenge, taking into account that classic car lovers want to keep their historic vehicles as true to the original as possible.

We at Henkel-Tuning are able to do something that almost nobody else can do anymore: the reconstruction of old parts on lovingly maintained, fully functional, historical machines – even using the original procedures. However, sometimes a repair of the defective part is more advisable than a complete replacement, especially when it comes to the restoration of particularly rare and costly components. The Henkel-Tuning team takes such tough decisions in agreement with you – and provides you with comprehensive advice: always individually from case to case. Every classic car is unique and that is how we want it to stay.

Do you have an old darling with care or repair needs? We will be delighted to provide you with information about the various possibilities. You can arrange an appointment by calling +49 (0) 2972 – 96 29 29 3

We offer the partial or complete restoration entirely in-house:

  • A wide-ranging portfolio of wood and sheet metal work, including engines and transmission restoration
  • Usage of historical tools and setting devices
  • Photo documentation of the work provided

We pick up and deliver your classic car in a closed trailer:

  • Complete inspection and acceptance of all repairs
  • Customized paintwork and leather preparation directly in-house
  • All-round check-up, 24 hours before excursion

Your classic car is stored in a well-tempered, secure and dry storage facility:

  • All-in-on service package including air pressure increase, removal and installation of the battery, winter storage of the battery, battery maintenance via battery monitor
  • Carrying out of repairs during the period of storage

We handle the purchase and sale of selected classic cars – in original condition or restored:

  • Vehicle evaluation in-house and/or by official testing organizations