Motorsport: Racing support for pros. And enthusiasts.

Henkel-Tuning and motorsport have belonged together for many years. After all, the heart of our CEO Thomas Henkel has been beating for motorsport since 1990. And he is still active on the circuit today.

Anyone who has ever taken in a breeze of racing air will never forget this ultimate adrenaline rush – just as the passion for performance increase and optimization never lets you go. This is why Henkel-Tuning is a respected cooperation partner in the field of racing support today: Our team has participated in many motorsports events in Germany, England and Dubai in recent years and we are very proud of this! Thanks to our efforts in vehicle tuning and repair, the racing teams can achieve greater success. The reason for this should come as no surprise: we are well aware of the individual requirements of the drivers, have technical expertise, and we share a common passion – in short: we know exactly how to ideally get through a race, both technically and mentally. For our mutual success.

Are you interested in our racing support? Find out more by calling +49 (0) 2972 – 96 29 29 3.

We conduct the vehicle assembly from the bodyshell to the chassis to the engine, the transmission and the entire electronics – always in close cooperation with renowned manufacturers from motorsport:

  • Wheel alignment on our own laser wheel alignment unit including wheel loader scales
  • Development and installation of safety cages in cooperation with certified manufacturers
  • Production of stainless steel exhaust systems and individual add-on pieces made of carbon, GRP and aluminum
  • Testing and tuning work on the dynamometer and/or on the race track

We offer racing teams support and service together with our experienced racing mechanics:

  • Support in the modification of the vehicle (e.g. performance increase through special improvements for the engine, chassis and in aerodynamics)
  • Maintenance and tuning before, during and after an event with our customized racing car service for chassis, tires and engine
  • Fastest possible collision repair after tough races
  • Vehicle transport
  • Travel management including hospitality